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ADDOP Media Agency will provide a full range of advertising services for your product on the Internet and will help to achieve the most effective lead generation.

Why us?

Our benefits


Professional team

Over 6 years of Internet advertising experience allows us to understand the client perfectly and offer an effective solution.


Leading-edge technologies

We have our own unique technical solutions for tracking and analytics of advertising campaigns, ability to use adserver and iframe, antifraud, auto-optimized smartlinks and individual tracking settings.


Individual approach

We will carry out a detailed analysis of the product, study the competitive market, and define the target audience and traffic sources that will be suitable for a specific client.



We work on the result. We regularly optimize advertising campaigns and achieve the best conversion rates.


Work transparency

Our customers get access to the tracking system, where they can monitor the advertising campaign progress in real time.


Creation of promotional materials

We will develop unique landing pages and creatives using the services of professional designers. Creating a high-quality up-to-date website for a client is also a possibility.


Working with mobile users

Development of Android and iOS mobile apps. Renting applications for advertising on Adwords and Facebook is possible as well.


A full range of media planning and traffic purchase services

Stages of working with a client’s product:

  • Product research, market and target audience analysis;
  • Search for suitable traffic sources and advertising formats;
  • Developing an advertising plan and calculating the budget;
  • Launch of advertising campaigns and their optimization;
  • Drawing up a report on the advertising campaign effectiveness.

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